Central Surveys provides a comprehensive, professional land and engineering surveying service including tunnel alignment, hydrographic surveys, resource management, land development and land subdivisions within the Central North Island (Lake Taupo), Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Hawkes Bay and King Country areas of New Zealand (NZ).

Central Surveys Limited are specialists in precise engineering setout for major projects.

We have a range of equipment, software and expertise to deliver exactly what you require to make your project run successfully and accurately.

We have an extensive range of services...
  • Major Project Survey coordination of Land & Engineering Surveying
  • Land Development Engineering
  • Dam and Structure Deformation Surveys
  • Specialists in shallow water Hydrographic Survey
  • Resource Consents for subdivision, land use, water and discharge permits, mining permits
  • Subdivisions, Unit Developments, Retirement Villages
  • Geodetic surveys
  • GPS surveys
  • Tunnel Surveying Specialist
  • Specialists in Crown Land (Legalisation Surveys) and Maori Land Surveys
Specialist equipment...
  • Vehicles - Three * 4WD fully equipped survey vehicles
  • Geodimeter 540 Geodetic Total Station
  • Geodimeter 640 SA Geodetic Total Station
  • Nikon NPL - 362 Total Station
  • Leica TCRA 1201 Robotic, Reflectorless Total Station
  • Leica TCRA 1203 Robotic, Reflectorless Total Station
  • Topcon GTS3 Semi Total station
  • Wild (Leica) GAK1 Gyro theodolite (RSM modified version)
  • Wild GAK1 Gyro theodolite - standard model.
  • Wild NA 2002 Digital Precise Level with data logging (Invar and Polymer Staves)
  • A1 Plotters Ink Jet color plotters
  • Hydrographic Boat and computerised sounding equipment
  • Clegg Hammer, Scala Penetrometer and Benkleman Beam
And Software...
  • 12D
  • LandOn Line
  • Quickmap
  • Star Level and Star Net. (Network adjustment programs)
  • SDR Map V. 6.5